At Learning Chest, we design and produce materials that help children and young adults make sense of math.

Through innovation and vision we address large market segments not understood by traditional educational publishers or by recent entrants into educational technology.

For example, we recognize how math proficiency depends on speaking the language of math.

We are currently creating Words2Math, a line of digital products to develop the math fluency that so many children and adults lack.

We continue to pioneer ways to use smartphones, tablets and computers to target and correct misconceptions and gaps in understanding.

Our team members, who bring the best balance of experience, talent, passion and fresh ideas, have assisted publishers in developing successful math curriculum in print and digital media.

Real Math K-6
Textbook Series
SRA/McGraw-Hill ©2008
Think Through Math 3 - 12
Digital Curriculum

Let’s See the Math
Visualizing operations and place value
Creative Publications ©2001
Math Central K-6
Textbook Series
Houghton-Mifflin ©1999
Tools for a Changing World
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
Prentice-Hall ©2004
Mathematics Connections K-6
Textbook Series
D.C. Heath ©1994
Building Math Ideas
Learning concepts through test items
Creative Publications ©2005
Adventures in Thinking
Solving math problems in fields from Art to Zoology
D.C. Heath ©1992

Our team members have provided the instructional vision and led content development for two major digital math programs, Think Through Math, which is now generating over $20 million in annual revenue, and Redbird Math, which has just hit the market.

The Learning Chest team is led by Edward Manfre.