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Level 1: Zip and Abby

In its first cycle of field testing, Zip and Abby helped children understand word problems and handle the rigors of today's math classroom.

As a result of early success, we are accepting more classrooms (preK - 2) into our field test. 

Field test Zip and Abby

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We are also field testing selected lessons from later levels of Words2Math: 'Percent and Percent Change' and 'Fractions.' 

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Zip and Abby

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What Teachers Are Saying                                  
My Kindergarten class got better at word problems and math in general. The simplicity and the look and sound of the story engaged them and prepared them for Common Core.

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My second-grade class cheered whenever I announced we were going to do Zip and Abby. They loved it and it worked. 

Full Evaluation

My pre-K kids were chanting, 'We want Zip and Abby.'

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