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Edward Manfre is the founder of Learning Chest. Ed has spent more than four decades creating digital and print materials that help students think quantitatively, creatively, critically, and independently. He was a senior author on several major textbook series and has served as the content lead on educational software projects dating back to the days of the Apple II.

Ed has applied his background in physics, math and journalism to developing diverse classroom resources including a problem solving series, Adventures in Thinking, more than a hundred math videos, an ancillary program that targets and rectifies student misconceptions, and a standardized test that measures conceptual understanding and reasoning. He has taught mathematics in grades K-12 as well as developmental math and math education at the college level. 

For the past ten years , Ed has focused on using digital media to help students understand math concepts and on using second-language learning methods to improve math fluency.

Judy Vandegrift has recently helped develop two digital math programs, the Pearson System of Courses for Mathematics and Redbird Mathematics. Judy was Director of Mathematics at D.C. Heath, at Addison-Wesley, and at a startup, Tenth Planet, developing print and digital math programs for elementary and middle schools.
Judy has taught math and other subjects to K-8 students in the United States and math education to teachers in the United States, Europe, and South America, including a teaching stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Medellin, Colombia. Her degrees include a BA in mathematics from UCLA, an MA in education from UCLA, and an MBA from Boston University.

Barbara Bobb has dedicated her professional life to helping students understand and succeed at math.  In high school, Barbara’s geometry teacher inspired her to major in math and education at the College of New Jersey, which she followed with a master’s degree from Cambridge College. She has served as Math Editor and Editorial Director for major publishers. Barbara has taught math from pre-K to high school and has contributed to numerous math projects as an independent writer and consultant. Currently, Barbara tutors youngsters in grades K-12, where she applies her expertise in math education and her empathy with struggling students.

Cindy Chapman is a Presidential Award winner for excellence in Mathematics Teaching. She has served on the Board of Directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and on the Board of Directors of TODOS: Mathematics for All.
Cindy has more than 30 years of elementary-school experience as classroom teacher and instructional coach.
In addition to helping the development of digital and print programs for major publishers, Cindy as co-authored two innovative series: Building Math Ideas and Let’s See the Math. She has been a frequent speaker at mathematics education conventions.